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We don't have a detailed list of which programs on which platforms support the GIF specification well enough to view GIFs with more than 256 colours. If you know of a program which is not on the following list, please let us know: to test a program, try viewing our images (Hong Kong Ferry / Queen / Fiscal Breakdown).


Macintosh Windows 3.1 Windows 95/NT Unix: HPUX Unix: Linux Unix: Sun Unix: SGI
Internet Explorer2.0 NO YES YES
Internet Explorer2.0.1 PARTIAL1 YES YES
Internet Explorer3.0 YES YES
Internet Explorer4.0 YES2 YES YES
Internet Explorer5.0 YES2 YES YES
Netscape Navigator2.0 NO YES YES YES YES YES YES
Netscape Navigator3.0 NO YES YES YES YES YES YES
Netscape Navigator4.0 YES YES YES YES YES YES YES

Image Utilities

YES GIF Construction Set 1.0N Windows 95 / NT
YES Graphic Converter 2.8 Macintosh
YES Itsagif Macintosh, Windows 3.1x / 95 / NT 4

Support Details

  1. Shows images correctly but doesn't redraw images correctly (after scrolling, for example).
  2. Renders the image correctly, but colour reduces resulting image to 256 colours.