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2.09 When Equalities Are Not Equal: Missing Mathematical Precision in Teaching, Texts, and Technology; 2003
Michael J. Bossé and N. R. Nandakumar
Vol. 34, No. 5, November 2003, The College Mathematics Journal

“All software packages, except [GrafEq 2.09], produced erroneous graphical results. ... [GrafEq 2.09] demonstrated its graphical sophistication over all the other packages investigated.”

MathCad 8Mathematica 4Maple VMATLAB 5.3Derive 4.11[GrafEq 2.09]


Learning Software Design Competition; 2001

GrafEq was named as an honorable mention—this is the highest rating given to any graphing utility this year or last year, when the annual competition started.

2.06 The Common Curriculum Framework for Kindergarten to Grade 12 Mathematics; 1999

GrafEq has been selected as a “Western Canadian Protocol Key Resource” to support The Common Curriculum Framework for Kindergarten to Grade 12 Mathematics. (GrafEq is a depth resource for both Applied and Pure Mathematics 10–12.)

2.04 Scientific Computing World; November 1998
Ray Girvan

“Because of its ability to plot highly complex (implicit) equations, GrafEq will be invaluable to anyone who needs to visualize functions.”
ZDNet; May 1998

“GrafEq is exceptionally easy to use, providing a ‘keypad’ for entering unusual characters.” 5 stars (ZDNet’s highest rating)

2.03 The California Instructional Technology Clearinghouse; 1997

GrafEq has been recommended as “Desirable” by the California instructional technology clearinghouse.

2.02 Mathematics Teacher; November 1996
Loring Coes III

“GrafEq is sophisticated but friendly. ... [GrafEq] is a powerful tool for investigating topics in advanced algebra, trigonometry and precalculus. Teachers and students should find it valuable.”

2.01 Recreational & Educational Computing; October–November 1994
Dr. M. Ecker

“Perhaps one of the most immediately noticeable strengths of GrafEq is its ability to handle equations or other relations besides functions, something beyond the pale for graphing calculators and computer algebra systems.”